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Appointment Setting

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Email/Vmail Follow Ups

Many small business owners either don't have time or the desire to make their own calls to book appoints. Others suffer from "Phone-a-phobia" and the thought of getting on the phone send fear into their hearts. By letting us contact your ideal customers it free yours valuable time so you can focus your time and energy on what you do best. 

Appointment Setting

Another service we provide small businesses is administrative tasks. We create accurate invoices and do all the follow up it takes to ensure the life blood of your business keeps flowing. We can also manage any payroll for staff.

Invoicing and Payroll

Database Creation/Data entry

Many small business owners lack the time it takes to create and maintain their database lists, even though they are a vital vein of business. At KST we not only maintain but also create database lists that will aid in your business growth. 

We also tackle all the data entry that needs to be done as well. From putting business cards into a list, entering notes from meetings to tracking receipts for your accountant, KST can handle it for you.

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